2019 UUU USA Scholarship Award

On behalf of all the members of Ubulu-Uku USA INC., I am happy to announce the return of UUU scholarship award. This award is open to students who have duly gained adminissions to any Federal or State University in Nigeria for the academic period which begins on September/October 2019. UUU will be awarding scholarships to two lucky recipients for the 2019 academic period.
The scholarship awards will be 4 years for a regular Bachelor’s degree course or 5 to 6 years for a course which requires more than 4 years to obtain a degree. The selected candidate will receive the sum of 100,000.00 Naira each academic year until graduation between (4 but not greater than 6) years depending on the course of study subject to maintaining all annual eligibility requirements.
UUU USA. INC. is proud to offer these scholarship awards in recognition of the importance of the great value a good University education can offer. The hope is that one day, these scholarship recipients may be in a position to help uplift other Ubulu-Uku indigenes. We encourage all Ubulu-Uku residents, Federal or State University bound qualified candidates to apply for this opportunity.
Please visit the scholarship page for more detailed information regarding eligibility

UUU USA 2018 Scholarship Award Recipient

After a long screening process of the many applicants, Ubulu-Uku USA INC. is pleased to present the recipient of the first Ubulu-Uku USA Scholarship, Ms. Nancy Ben Odinakachukwu. She is studying nursing at the University of Benin. Please join us in congratulating Ms. Odinakachukwu on accomplishing this great feat. For a message from the recipient, click here.