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Home Ownership

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US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Nine steps to buying a home:

Get a licensed Real Estate Agent for guidance

* Figure out how much you can afford
* Know your rights
* Shop for a loan
* Learn about home buying programs
* Shop for a home
* Make an offer
* Get a home inspection
* Shop for homeowners insurance
* Sign papers

Habitat For Humanity:

Learn About Habitat-Quick Tour
A brief introduction to Habitat for Humanity's mission, methods and progress, plus an overview of this

Habitat Fact Sheet
Answers to common questions provide more information about the operation and scope of Habitat for

What Are Habitat Houses Like?
Habitat for Humanity houses are simple, decent, and affordable to low-income families around the world.

Freddie Mac Home Ownership:
To make home possible for America’s families, we reduce the costs of housing finance expand housing
opportunities for all families, including low-income and minority families, initiate community
development lending projects, promote consumer education to improve financial literacy, help build
strong families and thriving neighborhoods in the communities we help finance.

Fannie Mae Home Ownership
For most of us, a home is more than simple shelter or a good investment. A home of our own is a dream
come true and symbolizes who we are. At Fannie Mae, the home symbolizes who we are, too. Our public
mission, and our defining goal, is to help more families achieve the American Dream of home ownership

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